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New PXI High Power Solid-State Switches – 25A and 1.5A  solid-state SPST switches for use in high power and high voltage applications such as testing products in transportation systems.  


We now offer 1000+ PXI modules, ranging from our BRIC™ high-density matrices, RF/microwave and optical switching to programmable resistors for sensor emulation.

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Join Pickering at ELECTROTEST JAPAN, January 14–16. See our latest switching products and pick up your free copy of our PXImate book.

Modular PXI, PCI, LXI Switching, Programmable Resistors, Digital I/O and more...

Advantages of Choosing Pickering for Your Switching 

Pickering Signal Switching & Conditioning Solutions
Advantage #1 - The Breadth of our Switching Products

When it comes to test, our customers care about breadth of choice—that is why we are continually expanding our range of PXI, LXI and PCI switching solutions. We have switching products for virtually every application that can be tested, over 1,000 modules in PXI switching alone, and we are continually working to develop new products. Can't find what you need, challenge us to develop a custom switching solution to meet your test and measurement requirements. 

Advantage #2 - Our Long-term Product Support
  • Low obsolescence - our switching products have a history of longevity, typically
    15-20 years. 
  • We are continually updating our product line, so even if a product happens
    to become obsolete, we will provide an improved version to replace it.
  • Because we manufacture our products in-house, we can continue to provide an obsolete product if a customer cannot use the updated version.
  • And we offer support even if a product happens to be discontinued.

Advantage #3 - 45 Years of Switching Experience

Over 45 years of experience in switching technology, this includes in-house design and manufacturing of quality reed relays. To learn more about our reed relays, please visit

Advantage #4 - Our Standard Three-Year Warranty standard 3-year warranty

We stand behind all switching products manufactured by us with a standard three-year warranty.     

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PXI Solid-State SPST Switch, 6-Channel 1.5A 400V
Part No. 40-185-001

Supports six high current SPST switches in two slots of a PXI chassis.

PXI Solid-State SPST Switch, 6-Channel 25A 100V
Part No. 40-184-001

Supports six high current SPST switches in two slots of a PXI chassis.

PXI Single 6-Ch RF MUX 18GHz 50 Ohm SMA
Part No. 40-785B-521

Microwave multiplexer modules designed for switching 50 Ohm signals up to 40GHz

PXI 8-Slot BRIC 29x8 2A 2-Pole
Part No. 40-565B-102-29X8

A range of high density matrix configurations able to switch up to 2 Amp or 200VDC/140VAC

PXI 34x4 Signal Insertion and Monitor Matrix
Part No. 40-525A-001

This matrix allows signal insertion between UUT and test systems

PCI Strain Gauge Simulator Card, 6-Channel, 350R
Part No. 50-265-016

The 50-265 is a 6 channel strain gauge simulator card suitable for testing strain gauge meters and a wide variety of industrial control systems.

PCI RTD Simulator Card 6-Channel PT100
Part No. 50-262-101

The 50-262 is a PCI card that supports 6 channels of RTD simulation. The card is a cost effective method of simulating
either PT100 or PT1000 RTDs.

  • $4,058.00
PCI Resistor Card 2-Channel 2R to 131k With SPDT
Part No. 50-293-134

Programmable Resistor with either two channels of 16-bit or four channels of 8-bit resistor chains in a single PCI card.

  • $1,165.00
PXI Switching Solutions | Pickering Interfaces

PXI Switching

Over 1,000 switching modules ranging from relay, high-density large matrices, multiplexers, RF & microwave, fault insertion & more.

PXI Modules & Chassis | Pickering Interfaces

PXI Instrumentation & Chassis

Solutions for programmable resistors, power supplies, battery simulators, RF attenuators, waveform generation and digital I/O.

LXI Switching Solutions | Pickering Interfaces

LXI Switching Solutions

We manufacture a wide range of LXI switching including low frequency, high density, RF & microwave matrices & multiplexers, and optical.

PCI Switch Cards | Pickering Interfaces

PCI Switch Cards

Available in configurations of: Reed relay, multiplexer, high-density matrix, programmable resistors, RF matrix, digital I/O & relay drivers.

Small Format Embedded Switching / SIMRC | Pickering Interfaces

Small Format Switching Cards - SIMRC

A choice of switching configurations using low cost industry standard SIM connectors.

GPIB (IEEE-488) Switching | Pickering Interfaces

GPIB (IEEE-488) Switching

A comprehensive line of switching modules that are ideal for functional test, factory automation and data acquisition applications. These systems range from small low-cost entry level systems to large high performance units with built-in test.

Cables & Connector Solutions | Pickering Interfaces

Cables & Connectors

From simple mating connectors to complex cables assemblies and terminal blocks for all LXI and PXI modules.

Custom Designed Switch Solutions | Pickering Interfaces

Custom Design

Our flexible manufacturing lines allow us to offer simple customization to meet our customers needs.