6GHz Switches & Attenuators

New Generation 6GHz High-Density Technology

Product bandwidths are being pushed ever higher as applications demand more spectrum. That's why we have introduced our newest family of 6GHz switch and attenuator modules featuring high isolation, fast operate times and very high density. And these modules can be used in any PXI chassis or our LXI/Ethernet Modular chassis. Team this module family with our 20+ years of experience and over 600 other PXI modules and see how we can add real performance and flexibility to your next RF test system. PXI & LXI Logos>

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6GHz Terminate 4:1 Multiplexers
6GHz Terminated 4:1 Multiplexer

>> Single 40-882-001
>> Dual 40-882-002
>> Triple 40-882-003
>> Quad 40-882-004
6GHz Terminate 6:1 Multiplexers
6GHz Terminated 6:1 Multiplexer

>> Single 40-881-001
>> Dual 40-881-002
6GHz Terminated 4x4 Matrix
6GHz Terminated 4x4 Matrix

>> 40-884-001
RF/Microwave switching and attenuator bullets
6GHz Programmable Attenuator

>> Triple 41-182-003
>> Hex 41-182-006
6GHz Programmable Attenuator

You can find more information on our 6GHz switches & attenuators at the links below, or feel free to contact us.