Automotive Test Technology Expo - China

Preview for Automotive Test Technology Expo part of Auto Tech Chongqing 2017 

Pickering Interfaces, a leading provider of modular signal switching and simulation for Automotive Test Technology Expo Chinaelectronic test and verification, will showcase their broad catalogue of PXI, PCI and Ethernet LXI products and software solutions for automotive applications in stand 773 at the Automotive Test Technology Expo in Chongqing, China, March 22-24. Below are some of the products that will be highlighted at the Expo: 

2-slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis (model 60-104) – This new chassis offers a small lightweight form factor, making it ideal for portable, benchtop and space restrictive applications. It supports one or two of Pickering’s 3U PXI modules. The USB compatible and LXI compliant interfaces enable the chassis to be controlled directly through standard interfaces found on most personal computers—allowing for a very cost effective route into the modular test and measurement market. 

Serial Interface PXI Fault Insertion Module (model 40-200) – This module is designed to simulate common faults on two wire communication interfaces such as CAN Bus and FlexRay. The 40-200 allows the introduction of fault connections that include data paths open; data paths shorted together and data paths shorted to externally applied faults such as power supplies and ground. (This model is also available in PCI form/factor) 

2 Amp PXI Fault Insertion Module (model 40-190B) – These fault insertion modules are available with 74, 64, or 32 channels and provide a high-density low-cost solution. They were primarily designed for the simulation of fault conditions in automotive applications involving the reliability testing of safety critical controllers. 

PXI Precision Programmable Resistor Module (model 40-297) – Designed as a simple solution for applications requiring accurate simulation of resistive sensors, this series includes 50 model configurations per platform (This model also available in PCI form/factor). Each version offers users the choice of channel count, range and setting resolution. With resolution from 0.125Ω to 2Ω and channel counts from 3 to 18 and basic accuracy is 0.2% ± resolution. 

Switch Path Manager Signal Routing Software – This signal routing software simplifies signal routing through switching systems and speeds up the development of switching system software. Switch Path Manager supports Pickering's PXI, LXI, PCI and GPIB switching modules and the interconnection between these products. 

Pickering will also be showing a range of PXI, PCI, and LXI switching and simulation products.

Also highlighted in the booth will be their eBIRST Switching System Test Tools. These tools, designed specifically for Pickering’s PXI, PCI or LXI (Ethernet) products, simplify switching system faultfinding by quickly testing the system and graphically identifying the faulty relays. 

Pickering Interfaces stands behind all of their manufactured products with a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support.