New 256 Crosspoint 2-Pole PXI Switching Matrices

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Featuring comprehensive relay self-test support 

256-crosspoint 2-pole PXI switching matrices from Pickering Interfaces feature comprehensive relay self-test supportPickering Interfaces, the leading supplier of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification, has launched a new range of high-density, two-pole PXI switching matrices that offer higher performance than competing products. Series 40-580 (32x8) and 40-583 (64x4) matrices are supported by both of Pickering’s relay test tools (BIRST and eBIRST), delivering sophisticated and thorough diagnostics for any relays that are approaching end-of-life or have been damaged by over-specification hot-switching events.

Featuring 256 2-pole crosspoints, these matrices use gold-plated contact electro-mechanical relays to switch up to 300VDC/250VAC and up to 60W maximum power; maximum current is 2A, hot or cold switching. The integrated BIRST self-test hardware provides a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within each module. No test equipment is required; simply disconnect the front panel connector, launch the BIRST application and the tool will run a diagnostic test that will find any relays with faulty contacts. In addition, Pickering’s external eBIRST test tools will additionally test out the front-panel connections as well as simplifying fault-finding by graphically identifying all faulty relays.

Comments Bob Stasonis, Technical Product Specialist at Pickering Interfaces: “Typical functional test applications for these new matrices include signal routing in ATE and data acquisition systems in sectors including automotive, aerospace, rail and industrial automation. Simple signal connections are via 78-pin D-type or 160-pin DIN connectors that are fully supported by our wide range of cable and connector accessories.”

The single-slot 3U PXI switch matrices can be used in any PXI or PXIe Hybrid chassis as well as Pickering’s LXI and LXI/USB chassis, and comprehensive driver support is supplied for a wide range of programming languages. These new models complement the company’s established 40-582 (16x16) matrix and come with Pickering’s standard three-year warranty.

About Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces designs and manufactures modular signal switching and simulation for use in electronic test and verification. We offer the largest range of switching and simulation products in the industry for PXI, LXI, and PCI applications. To support these products, we also provide cable and connector solutions, diagnostic test tools, along with our application software and software drivers created by our in-house software team. 

Pickering’s products are specified in test systems installed throughout the world and have a reputation for providing excellent reliability and value. Pickering Interfaces operates globally with direct operations in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Czech Republic and China, together with additional representation in countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

We currently serve all electronics industries including, automotive, aerospace & defense, energy, industrial, communications, medical and semiconductor. For more information on signal switching and simulation products or sales contacts please visit