Once you have defined and architected your test system, you need to solve the challenges of DEPLOYING that system to production.

We provide resources to reduce test integration time and increase test throughput; the added benefit is you can focus on your product and let Pickering’s tools augment your constrained engineering resources. You can also take advantage of our Partner Program—our partners have unique skills, services, and expertise and can assist in developing complete solutions to meet your exact needs.

Accelerate software development and test time by...

  • Using our signal routing software, Switch Path Manager, which simplifies development by defining logical names to the endpoints of your switching system that can be used in your test code. Automatically creating the most efficient connection paths while ensuring no undesirable connections are made and route-caching improves overall test speed.
  • Simulating the product in your test system with our PXI & LXI simulation tools—allowing you to develop and test your test code while the system is being built.
  • Manually controlling our products using our Soft Front Panel—allowing you to create test situations before you write the code.
  • Integrating sequencing and scan lists into your application code by storing pre-defined sequences of switch states on our LXI platforms and control them via hardware signals to eliminate software overhead, making it much faster than software paced switch sequencing.
Accelerate software development and test time with Pickering's tools

Optimize the deployment of your automated test system

Optimize your deployment

  • In test system development, the best hardware is only usable if its software control environment is robust and easy-to-use. If you are a test system developer, you need to look at both the hardware and software aspects of your vendors of choice.
  • With seamless software driver installation and support of all popular programming languages. Our flexible drivers use a common interface that over the years has evolved to add support for our growing range of products, and also for the latest operating systems. We ensure compatibility between our legacy and new switching products in existing and new applications.

Our expertise extends beyond discrete relays and switching modules, meaning you can...

  • Take advantage of our in-house cable manufacturing, from simple mating connectors to complex cable assemblies and terminal blocks. We have standard cables already designed for all of our products and every accessory is designed to ensure you have a trouble-free experience in connecting our products to your test system. 
  • If you need a custom cable, you can design your own using our Cable Design Tool or we can design one for you and deliver as little as one to many. A well-planned cable design is essential to ensuring a high reliability test system.

Take advantage of our in-house cable manufacturing and cable design tool

Design & Sustain your test system with Pickering

Deploying your test system isn't the first or last phase, you first need to design it using a flexible platform and sustain it to measure the success of the development effort—we can help, learn more here:

Design your test system

Defining a test system can be challenging. Your goal as a test architect is to accelerate your test system design process using a flexible platform. Having a vendor with the expertise you need will help you get the job done, on time and on budget.

More on designing your test system

Sustain your test system

In order to sustain your test system once in production you need to have quality hardware and tools for diagnosis - maximizing uptime and lowering the total cost of ownership.

More on sustaining your test system


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