The ability to SUSTAIN your test system once in production is critical

A strategic test development strategy does not stop at the design and deployment phases. The ability to sustain the system once in production is critical in measuring the success of the development effort. In order to efficiently maintain your test system over the life of the products being tested, you need to have proper quality hardware and tools for diagnosis. We offer the following benefits that help you:

Maximize uptime

A system that is down for repair limits the amount of product that can be passed through production.

  • Our quality products are designed for maximum uptime in test—our reed relays are designed to function for up to 109 operations.
  • Diagnosing a faulty relay in a large matrix can be slow and cumbersome. Our BIRST & eBIRST diagnostic test tools help identify faulty or damaged components in a matter of minutes.
  • Identifying an issue and replacing a defective module needs to be done quickly. If you have the skills on-site, we make it easy for you to repair products without having to send them back to the factory. Most of our products are modular in construction and come with spare relays to help get your back online fast.
Maximize uptime of your system with our diagnostic test tools and extra relays.

Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

  • Our commitment to providing you quality products for 15 - 20 years or longer minimizes the potential for costly redesign efforts due to component obsolescence.
  • You get peace of mind with our 3-year warranty on all of our products—reducing the recurring cost of maintenance activities, while increasing confidence in product uptime.
  • No need to put money aside for software maintenance contracts and expert-level technical product support. You get those free of charge from Pickering.
  • When repairs are required, we only charge for the work and parts required, rather than a more expensive flat rate no matter what the repair is.

Gain access to knowledgeable staff 

Regardless of the nature of your issues, wherever you are

  • As a manufacturer of relays, we have the ability to conduct detailed tests on relays in a controlled environment in-house. We can quickly assess whether a relay failed due to a manufacturing defect or if it was exposed to extreme conditions during test—helping you understand how your tests are impacting the life expectancy of your switching system.
  • Connect with technical staff who can address any hardware or software problems you may encounter—we have multiple offices located around the world and provide access to support engineers that have many years’ experience in functional test and are committed to responding in a timely fashion. 
  • Or you can take a look at our Knowledgebase where you'll find information on our products including technical support, software drivers, products comparisons and more.
Gain access to our knowledgeable staff regardless of the nature of your issues and where you are located

Design & Deploy your test system with Pickering

Of course, sustaining your test system isn't the first phase, you need to design and deploy the system first - and we can help:

Design your test system

Defining a test system can be challenging. Your goal as a test architect is to accelerate your test system design process using a flexible platform. Having a vendor with the expertise you need will help you get the job done, on time and on budget.

More on designing your test system

Deploy your test system

Once your system is defined and architected, you need to solve the challenges of deploying that system into production. We provide resources to reduce test integration time and increase test throughput.

More on deploying your test system


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