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Pickering's BRIC - Scalable High-Density PXI Matrices and Multiplexers

Your switching requirements and budget change, that is why we offer our BRIC large PXI matrix and multiplexer solutions in a variety of sizes, 2, 4, 8 or 12-slot with over 450 configurations to choose from—offering the densest switching in the PXI market. The use of high-density packaging and integrated backplanes enables a large matrix to be implemented with no user configuration or special matrix expansion kits. Many of our designs use high-density instrumentation grade reed relays and are also available with electro-mechanical and solid-state relays. All of our BRIC PXI matrix modules are fully supported PXI, PXIe hybrid and our LXI/USB chassis and all popular software environments, including Linux.

Proven Heritage in High-Density Large PXI Matrix/Multiplexer Switching:

  • 2002: Launch of groundbreaking BRIC PXI matrix switching with internal screen analog bus
  • 2004 - 2013: Regular and consistent series of product releases: 2A Matrix, 2A and 10A Fault Insertion, 2-slot Avionics Matrix, Solid State Matrix , 1A and 3A MUX, Highest density 2A Matrix
  • 2009: First with Built-In Relay Self-Test (BIRST) in Large PXI Matrix Switching
  • 2011:  First with high pole count multiplexers
  • 2015: Introduction of eBIRST Switching System Test Tool to support most BRIC modules
  • 2017 & 2019: Introduction of new ranges of Ultra-High-Density BRIC matrices (models 40-558 and 40-559) using Pickering instrumentation grade 4mmx4mm reed relays
  • 2020: Introduction of our 12-slot BRIC modules with up to 9216 crosspoints (40-558 model), making it the industry’s highest capacity PXI matrix switch module - view the BRIC12 video


  Pickering Interfaces’ Large PXI Matrix Modules Competing PXI Integrated Matrix
40-558 40-559 40-560A/561A 40-562B 40-563A 40-565B 40-566A 40-567 40-568 40-596 40-597 40-598 Relay
Card "A"
Card "B"
Card "C"
Daughter card Relay Type Pickering Ultra-High Density 4mmx4mm Instrumentation Quality Reed Relay Pickering Instrumentation Quality Reed Relay with Softcenter technology Solid State Relay EMR (Sealed Armature) Coto Reed Relay EMR
Voltage 70VDC/50VAC 150VDC/100VAC ±40V 150VDC/100VAC 100VDC
100VDC/70VAC 100V 150V 100V
Current 0.5 Amp 1 Amp 0.5 Amp 1 Amp 0.25A (0.75A surge) 2 Amp 0.25 Amp 1 Amp 2 Amp
Power 5W 20W 10W 20W - 60W 3W 20W 60W
Operate Time 1ms 0.5ms 3ms 6.5ms 1ms 3ms
Life (minimum loading) >1E+09 >1E+09 >1E+09 >1E+09 Unlimited 1.00E+08 2.50E+08 1.00E+09 1.00E+08
Life (maximum loading) >5E+06 (5W) >5E+06 (20W) >1E+06 (10W) >5E+05 (20W) Unlimited >1E+05 (60W) >5E+05 (1W) >1E+06 (20W) >1E+05 (60W)
Maximum Number of Relays Per PXI Matrix Module 2-Slot PXI Module 1536 1024 1104 528 768 464 704 600 696 768 768
4-Slot PXI Module 3072 2048 2208 1056 1536 928 660 1408 1200 1392 1536 1536 2208 1032 852
8-Slot PXI Module 6144 4096 4416 2112 3072 1856 1540 2816 2400 2784 3072 3072
12-Slot PXI Module 9216 3168
Matrix Self Test Self Test all core matrix relays
Self Test Resistance Measurement Resolution ✔ milliOhm Resolution with Programmable Resistance Threshold ✖ Pass/Fail only
Relay Self Test available on other PXI matrix modules
eBIRST Switching System Test Tools
Analog Bus Integrated Analog Bus
Multiple Analog Bus Available
Daughter card Isolation Switches
Analog Bus Widths Available X6, X8, X12, X16 X4, X6, X8, X12, X16 X4, X8, X16, X32 X8 X4 X8 X4 X6 X12 X16 X4, X8, X16 X4, X8
Analog Bus Inter-module Expansion
Special/Custom Versions Custom Modules Available
Speciality Module Available ✔ (MUX, ARINC, FIBO)
Software VISA
Kernel Driver
IVI Drivers
NI Switch Executive Support
Linux ✔ (Support for all versions) ✔ (Limited support)
Block command for fast setting of multiple crosspoints
Full LXI Ethernet Support
Year product was launched 2019 2017 2002 2007 2005 2005 2013 2013 2013 2013 2 2011 2012
Number of available regular matrix configurations 72 55 168 203 17 12 10 14 14 14 14 14 30 18 12
Standard Included Warranty 3 year 1 year

  Other Switching Functions in PXI Large Matrix Format From Pickering Interfaces PXI Switching Functions From Competitor
40-569 40-570 40-571 40-592A 40-595A
Switching Function ARINC 608A Switch High Pole Count Multiplexer Fault Insertion/Breakout Switch (FIBO)
Maximum Size (for fully loaded 8-slot module) 2xResource Distributor & 6xBus Matrix Input Cards Between 6-channel, 160-pole &
96-channel 10-pole
Between 6-channel, 48-pole &
48-channel 6-pole
Dual 160x4 with 3-pin breakout or dual 248x4 with 2-pin breakout Dual 30x4 with 3-pin breakout
Specification Relay Type Electro-mechanical Ruthenium Reed Electro-mechanical
Voltage 100VDC/70VAC 100V 150VDC/100VAC 125VDC/250VAC
Current 2A 1A 3A 1.2A 10A-matrix 8A-breakout
Power 60W 60W 105W 20W 300W
Number of Configurations - 4-slot module 5 - - 8 -
Number of Configurations - 8-slot module 12 29 29 16 10
Software VISA
Kernel Driver
IVI Drivers
NI Switch Executive Support
Block command for fast setting of multiple crosspoints
Other Platforms
Year product was launched 2008 2011 2011 2005 2005
Standard Included Warranty 3 year

View our BRIC variations:

The majority of our BRIC modules are supported by our eBIRST Switching System Test Tools. These tools quickly determine if the switching system has faults, identifies the location of the fault at relay level and allows you to take fast corrective action in the field—saving on repair costs and minimizing downtime. See what eBIRST is all about here >>

We have been designing large scale PXI matrix/multiplexer switching since 2002, consistently leading the market with new designs, each time pushing the boundaries of PXI-based Functional Test to help test engineers save time and money.

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