At Pickering, we know that aerospace & defense electronic engineers have unique testing needs driven by requirements for long operating life, high reliability and hostile environmental conditions. We understand that to design, deploy and sustain your test system can be challenging. We offer PXI, PCI, LXI & USB modular switching and simulation products and services to help your engineering team get the job done on time and budget, and we support our products for 15 to 20 years or longer. Take a look below for our success stories.

Switching and simulation systems for aerospace and defense applications since 1988

Products designed for aerospace and defense applications include:

When our product range doesn’t fit your application, we have the agility and expertise needed to develop a system to your specifications, often with little to no engineering cost. Our capabilities and expertise are the reasons why major aerospace and defense companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Honeywell, Orbital Sciences, Rockwell Collins, BAE Systems, Ball Aerospace, NASA, and Airbus specify our PXI, PCI and LXI products for their functional test needs.

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VXI to PXI MigrationVXI to PXI Migration

The aerospace and defense industries were early adopters of modular test platforms. One of the first successes was VXI, and it has served these industries very well for more than 20 years. Now as VXI test systems become obsolete, test systems developers look to PXI as the next generation modular platform for their industries. The availability of switching and instrumentation in PXI makes the choice relatively easy. However, the issue of migrating test programs from VXI to PXI, specifically in switching applications, is of concern. The ability to replicate original test configurations to support legacy FRUs (Field Replaceable Units) is important to continue supporting older test programs while planning for future requirements.

We have developed PXI switching and simulation modules that can replicate the previous VXI switching configurations to make your job of integration that much easier. And our policy of supporting our PXI products for 15 to 20 years, and even longer, means that your next-generation test systems will have as long a life as their predecessors. Take a look here for a cross-reference to popular VXI switching modules.

Let Pickering Help You Design, Deploy & Sustain Your Automated Test System

DESIGN - Defining a test system can be challenging. Your goal is to accelerate your test system design process using a flexible platform. Having a vendor with the expertise you need will help get the job done, on time/budget.

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DEPLOY - Once defined and architected, you need to solve the challenges of deploying that system into production. We provide resources to reduce test integration time and increase test throughput.

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SUSTAIN - In order to sustain the system once in production, you need to have quality hardware and tools for diagnosis—maximizing uptime and lowering the total cost of ownership.

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No matter what your test platform is, we can provide cost-effective solutions

All module and cabling manufacturing processes are done within our two factories on flexible manufacturing lines allowing us to offer simple customization to meet your needs. The chances are good that we can enhance your engineering team's effectiveness with our collaborative, creative and agile culture.

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Success Stories

Our commitment to quality in product & service translates into project success & customer satisfaction.

Supporting Industry Innovation with Switching & Simulation Systems Designed to Sustain Test Systems

Explore two examples of how our switching and simulation products support the unique needs of integrators and aerospace and defense companies needing high-performance ATE and long-term support.

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Highly Accelerated Stress Screening Test Solution (HASS)

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Streamlining of Multi-site Aerospace Validation & Production Test System

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Flexible, Future Proof Avionics Test System

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A-10 Aircraft Ground Support

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Satellite Payload Testing

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