What are RF & Microwave Switches?Pickering PXI, LXI & USB RF/Microwave Switching from 100MHz to 67GHz

They are devices that route high-frequency signals via impedance-matched transmission paths. RF and microwave switches are used extensively in microwave test systems to flexibly connect instruments to devices under test (DUTs). This allows multiple tests to be performed with the same setup and eliminates the need for frequent coaxial cable connects and disconnects.

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Pickering RF/Microwave Switching

Our RF/Microwave products include, SPDT, Transfer, MUX and Matrix switches with bandwidths from DC to 67GHz, and are available on PXI, LXI & USB platforms. We offer flexible options for control communications and system architecture, including:  

PXI Switch Modules Available

LXI Switch Modules Available:

Do you have limited engineering resources or have requirements that demand performance that can only be delivered with a fully integrated solution? We have the expertise and ability to turn your high-level requirements for a microwave switching subsystem into the fully integrated solution that you need. You provide us with your unique configuration and specification, and our engineers will work closely with you to provide a well-defined, fully integrated and supportable end product that will satisfy your microwave testing needs. Learn more >>

Accelerate integration with our Signal Routing Software

Microwave switch systems are often a complex network of interconnected relays, passive components and wiring and we have learned over the years that the integration effort can become a time consuming task for software engineers who need to define the states of all relays required to establish a path between a test instrument and the article under test. To help accelerate integration, our products are supported by our Switch Path Manager (SPM) signal routing software which enables an entire switching subsystem, including all relays and external interconnects, to be virtually defined using a graphical interface. Once a switch architecture has been defined in SPM, software engineers can simply write function calls that connect the desired input to output without needing to manage individual switch states. Customers using SPM have experienced considerable time savings in their integration efforts when using the SPM utility.

Work with us to accelerate your project deployment cycle and streamline production readiness

For over 30 years, test engineers have turned to us to provide sensibly priced, high-performance modular microwave switching subsystems. These subsystems have provided the foundation for highly reconfigurable signal routing solutions.

We can help you design, deploy, and sustain your next Microwave switching systems—simply and effectively.

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