Pickering Switching for Semiconductor Test

High Relay Closure Count for Parallel Test and I/V Test

Pickering’s PXI and LXI switching solutions have been used in various levels of semiconductor test including package level and wafer level test, opens & shorts, capacitance, I/V test for transient charge trapping and SCPT (Single Charge Pulse Trapping). Our switching solutions for semiconductor test feature:

  • High fidelity connection – low path resistance, repeatable connection
  • High relay closure count – parallel testing for speed and multiple test point connections to Ground for I/V tests
  • The ability to load test sequences into the unit and utilize triggers to transition tests
  • Carry out capacitive measurements to ensure the internal decoupling capacitors are intact
  • Fast operate time with Pickering Reed Relay based matrices
  • Ease of creating switching routines with tools like our Switch Path Manager signal routing software
  • Modular design for scalability and ease of maintenance 

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Below are some examples of our Semiconductor Test Modular Switching Solutions


High-Density LXI Reed Relay Matrix*
(model 65-221)

lxi_logo.png high-density-lxi-reed-relay-matrix.jpg

 * This matrix is due to be released soon

  • Modular Matrix Design with 4 Y-Axis Connections
  • User Configurable for X Dimensions by Plug-in addition, up to 6144 Crosspoints
  • Twelve or Six Analog Buses
  • Highest Quality Ruthenium Reed Relays for Maximum Reliability at Low Levels and High Switching Speeds
  • Built-In Scan List Sequence Stores with Triggering Capability
  • Supported by our Diagnostic Test Tools:
    • BIRST™ - Built-In Relay Self-Test
    • eBIRST™ Switching System Test Tools

High-Density Single Pole LXI Matrix Modules
(model 60-553 series)



  •  Single Pole High-Density Matrix with up to 4096 Crosspoints
  • Dual Analog Bus
  • Matrix Size 256x4 to 1024x4
  • Up to 1027 simultaneously closed crosspoints
  • Switch up to 150VDC/100VAC & up to 60W Max Power
  • Maximum Switch Current of 2A
  • Supported by our Diagnostic Test Tools:
    • BIRST - Built-In Relay Self-Test
    • eBIRST Switching System Test Tools

BRIC™ High-Density PXI Matrix Modules
(model series 40-568)


  • Very High-Density 2A Matrix with up to:
    • 600 Crosspoints per 2-Slot BRIC
    • 1200 Crosspoints per 4-Slot BRIC
    • 2400 Crosspoints per 8-Slot BRIC
    • (300 Crosspoints per PXI Slot)
  • Integrated PXI Module with Built-In High Performance Screened Analog Bus
  • 2-Slot Configurations to 150x4 (1-Pole) 4-Slot Configurations to 300x4 (1-Pole) 8-Slot Configurations to 600x4 (1-Pole)
  • Switch up to 200VDC/140VAC, 2A, 60W
  • Automatic Analog Bus Isolation Switching Maximizes Bandwidth and Matrix Reliability
  • Supported by eBIRST Switching System Test Tools

High-Density Single Slot PXI Reed Relay Module
(model series 40-54x)


  • Highest Density Single-Slot 3U PXI Reed Relay Matrix Module with 528 Crosspoints
  • Minimize Cost using Partially Populated Configurations - Available for all models
  • Switch up to 150 V, 0.5A with 10W Max Power
  • Fast Operating Speed <300ms
  • Supported by eBIRST Switching System Test Tools


To learn more about our switching solutions for use in Semiconductor Test or any of our other switching, simulation or cabling solutions, please contact us or visit our Worldwide locations page to find your local Pickering Sales Office or Agent.

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