40-610 & 40-615 PXI MUX model range renumbering information

    With the updating of the model 40-610 & 40-615 ranges to 40-610A & 40-615A, it became necessary to revise the variant part numbering scheme. The earlier ranges (non-A versions) used a numbering scheme whereby the build variant was defined in the part number. In contrast, the updated ranges (A versions) transitioned to an incrementing number scheme. 

    A cross-reference between the two schemes are shown in the table here:

    Existing Variant Part Number 
    New Variant Part Number 
     40-610-022-8/16/1  40-610A-001
     40-610-022-4/32/1  40-610A-002
     40-610-022-2/64/1   40-610A-003
     40-610-022-1/128/1  40-610A-004
     40-610-022-8/8/2  40-610A-005
     40-610-022-4/16/2  40-610A-006
     40-610-022-2/32/2  40-610A-007
     40-610-022-1/64/2   40-610A-008
     40-610-021-8/8/1  40-610A-009
     40-610-021-4/16/1  40-610A-010
     40-610-021-2/32/1   40-610A-011
     40-610-021-1/64/1  40-610A-012
     40-610-021-S-8/8/1  40-610A-013
     40-610-021-S-4/16/1  40-610A-014
     40-610-021-S-2/32/1  40-610A-015
     40-610-021-S-1/64/1  40-610A-016

    Existing Variant Part Number 
    New Variant Part Number 
     40-615-022-20/8/1  40-615A-001
     40-615-022-20/4/2  40-615A-002
     40-615-022-10/16/1   40-615A-003
     40-615-022-10/8/2  40-615A-004
     40-615-022-5/32/1  40-615A-005
     40-615-022-5/16/2  40-615A-006
     40-615-022-4/40/1  40-615A-007
     40-615-022-4/20/2   40-615A-008
     40-615-022-2/80/1  40-615A-009
     40-615-022-2/40/2  40-615A-010
     40-615-022-1/160/1   40-615A-011
     40-615-022-1/80/2  40-615A-012
     40-615-021-20/4/1  40-615A-013
     40-615-021-10/8/1  40-615A-014
     40-615-021-5/16/1  40-615A-015
     40-615-021-4/20/1  40-615A-016
     40-615-021-2/40/1  40-615A-017
     40-615-021-1/80/1  40-615A-018

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