Diagnostic Test Tools - eBIRST and BIRST Information

    Our Diagnostic Test Tools, BIRST - Built-in Relay Self-Test and eBIRST Switching System Test Tools allow users to find faults in switching systems easily. Below there is a selection of topics on the two sets of tools. We are committed to supporting both types of tools, new matrices will be supported by the embedded BIRST where it makes sense while most switching systems will be supported by eBIRST.

    How eBIRST works

    A concise description of how eBIRST test tools work

    Frequently Asked Questions on eBIRST

    A concise list of questions asked about eBIRST

    eBIRST Adapters

    Why do we use adapters for eBIRST tools and how they are made

    Master Slave Operation of eBIRST

    Master slave operation of eBIRST requires the use of two test tools, how does this work?

    Using eBIRST Calibration Fixtures

    The eBIRST Calibration Fixtures are optional and can be used to verify the accuracy and the functionality of the eBIRST tools

    eBIRST and BIRST Differences

    Simple explanation of key differences between eBIRST and BIRST

    Comparing eBIRST and MXT

    Simple explanation of key differences between eBIRST and MXT

    What is BIRST?

    A background to the BIRST self test system introduced in 2009

    Finding relay failures

    A general background article on finding relay failures

    When has a relay failed?

    With higher current relays it is not always clear cut when a relay has failed

    Replacing Relays

    Having found where the faulty relay is you may need to replace one.

    Fault Finding Tree

    A general link for diagnosing problems with switching systems not confined to just relay failures 

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