Fault Insertion Unit (FIU) Information

    Are you working on some Fault Insertion Testing? Pickering Interfaces was the first PXI vendor to introduce switching systems designed specifically to address Fault Insertion (FI) testing applications. We have the widest range of PXI Fault Insertion products of any vendor to meet your requirements, ranging from small systems to the largest systems.

    Fault Insertion units (FIU) allow users to insert common faults into systems, like shorts and opens, that might occur on real life control systems. The controllers in these systems need to work in a responsible way to ensure they do not take unintended actions, for example shutting down engines simply because a sensor has failed. Automated Fault Insertion units are particularly useful where systems may need to verifying at regular intervals, for example as the result of design or firmware changes. They allow tests to be run in a controlled way, one that can be verified without the human element involved in manual FI systems and patch panels. It is simple to verify that nothing has changed that might for example to be detrimental to passengers in a transport system.

    Below is a list of Knowledgebase article pertaining to Fault Insertion:

    Comparing Solid State and Relay based switching for Fault Insertion
    Trying to choose between solid state and mechanical relay solutions, try this page
    40-193 and 40-194 - The Key Technical Difference

    Explains the differences between these two PXI Fault Insertion modules
    Fault Insertion Switch Architectures

    Confused about the different architectures for fault insertion? Try this article
    Fault Insertion Switch Solutions

    See the functional diagrams of all Pickering Interfaces single and dual slot PXI fault insertion modules
    Fault insertion on serial interfaces

    Fault insertion requirements on serial interfaces typically require two pole solutions and wide bandwidths. Examples include CANBUS and Ethernet
    Using 40-592A and 40-595A For Fault Insertion

    A set of examples on how to exploit the flexibility of the 40-592A and 40-595A PXI Fault Insertion matrices BRIC's. 

    Take a look at our video:
    Automated Fault Insertion and its Role in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation

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