LXI Discovery Guide


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We also have a whole section on LXI Discovery Problems and a LXI Getting Started Guide which you may also find useful.

The LXI Consortium have made a discovery tool available from their web-site: LXI Discovery tool

LXI Discovery Browser

Basically every network device requires a unique IP address so it can communicate, this address can be set in three ways.

DHCP - Allocated IP addresses automatically via a network server.

Fixed - Manually entered by you, may also called static IP.

AutoIP - Lack of an address gives automatic configuration if enabled, really only as a last resort in my opinion.

As default your LXI device is shipped to get a DHCP address first. The process of discovery is required to find the address thats been allocated,
you will still need to to discovery even if you will be setting a fixed address.

If you are having problems with discovery please try the following:

Temporarily disable the PC's firewall, additional firewall security is often also integrated into virus checking software.
(Start - Control Panel - Security - Manage security settings for: Windows Firewall - Off - OK)

If you are using a laptop with both a wired and wireless connection please turn off the wireless, simultaneous connections can cause problems.
(Normally disabled via a switch on the laptop or a key combination Fn+Key)

Some routers or switches can be configured to block discovery messages
(Please try using the crossover cable supplied directly to the controlling PC)

The PC and the LXI must be set to the same IP range (Subnet) before they can communicate, typically -

IP Address = 192.168.1.(unique number) Subnet Mask = [DHCP]

IP Address = 169.254.(unique number).(unique number) Subnet Mask = [AutoIP] 

(If you set the LXI to a fixed address you may also need to set your PC to a similar fixed IP address to be able to communicate)

If you have accidentally set an unknown Fixed IP address you can easily reset the LXI by doing a LAN Reset holding the button for several seconds.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with discovery please contact Pickering Support.

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