Controlling an LXI Device from USB

There are occasions where a LAN port is not available on the controller PC, in such cases it may be possible to add a USB-LAN converter to provide a means of controlling an LXI Device.

Sometimes it is not possible to connect an LXI Device to the LAN connection of the controlling PC. Maybe the controller has no LAN port, or perhaps there is a LAN port but it is connected to a company LAN and the LXI Device may not be permitted on that LAN.

The normal solution would be to add an additional LAN card to the controller PC to create a 'private' LAN dedicated to the test system, where this is not possible then there are many 3rd party USB-LAN adapters available which may be used to create a LAN connection via the USB port.

USB to LAN adapter

Example of a USB to LAN adapter

One cautionary note: we have had situations where USB devices are not detected if they are connected while a PC is booted and require the USB product to be disconnected and re-connected to trigger the USB device recognition mechanism in the operating system. This is beyond the scope of the Pickering LXI product and there is nothing Pickering can do in such cases.

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