SSH Control of LXI Devices

Pickering LXI devices include a Secure Shell (SSH) service which will allow a user to remotely login to the LXI device and control its switching functions.

Enabling the SSH service

The SSH interface is normally disabled, here is the process for enabling it:

First from the LXI home page:

Screenshot of LXI home page

Select the 'Security' web page:

Screenshot of LXI security page

Then enter a password. This process enables security on the LXI device, restricting access to most device webpages unless the password is supplied. The username for this access to pages is 'admin', a second username 'sshuser' for SSH access is also created.

Next, navigate to the Diagnostics page (supply the username 'admin' and above password if requested), and enable the SSH service using the button at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of LXI diagnostics page with start SSH server

The SSH service is now enabled.

Remote Access to the SSH service

A suitable SSH client must be used to access the LXI device, PuTTy is such a tool, provides links to some access tools, including PuTTy.

Enter the LXI IP address and then open the connection

Inputting options for PuTTY session

You should obtain a login console, enter the username 'sshuser' and the password you entered during the security steps above.

Screenshot of LXI login console

The terminal should now display an interactive program for control of the switch cards:

Interactive program for control of the switch cards

Type HE to obtain a list of all the commands available in this application. For those familiar with the Pickering PXI product software, this application is a port of the PILMon diagnostic program.

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