Pickering LXI Tools

Pickering Virtual LXI

Pickering provide a 'virtual LXI' software application that may be configured to simulate almost any Pickering LXI product.

Using this product the user may create an LXI object that will behave exactly like the real product, but of course, without the hardware. This allows a developer to create and test software for a Pickering LXI target in advance of delivery of the hardware, thus potentially shortening the development time at the more critical stages of a project.

The simulator package, together with installation information and supporting tools, is available from our download site at:

In addition the user must obtain a copy of Oracle VirtualBox or VmPlayer.

VirtualBox is available from:

VmPlayer is available from the VmWare web site at:

If problems are encountered, advice on setup and use may be obtained from Pickering support at mailto:[email protected]

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