Relay Reliability

From here find a selection topics related to relay reliability, what causes failures and how to calculate MTBF.

Relays fail for a variety of reasons, in some cases it may be a wear out mechanism but the most frequent problems are simply down to relay abuse caused by programming errors, hot switching or UUT faults that cause the switching system to operated outside its normal operating conditions. If relay failures are being experienced it may help to note the pattern of failure and the circumstances under which they occur - it may give valuable clues in how to fix the problem.

What causes relay to fail
If you have a system where relays are failing chances are that something in the system is causing the failures. This article might help you understand why.

Relay Ratings

Understand all those relay specifications from this link

Calculating MTBF Figures for a Switching System

Been asked to provide an MTBF figure for a switching? The answers are not straightforward - many assumptions go into these calculations and changing the assumptions changes the answers. Read more on the topic in this article.

Choose a Reliable Reed Relay Construction

Reed Relay construction can have major impact on reliability, choose your construction carefully

Finding Relay failures

Find out about the merits of self test, diagnostic and relay operation counting tools to find faulty relays

Minimum Relay Capacity

Why do some types of relay have a minimum switching capacity, find the answers here

Relay End Of Life

When has a relay reached end of life? It is not entirely straightforward.

Protecting Relays with Digital IO

In some cases our digital I/O modules can be used to protect relays connecting to ground or positive power supplies

Understanding current ratings at a PXI module level

When many high current relays are supported in a single module there can be limits on how many of them can carry maximum current at the same time, find out more on this page

Hot switch life of a reed relay

Predicting the life of a reed relay when used for hot switching is not straightforward, some general guidance is provided here 

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