40-870 and 40-830 series RF switch architectures

    Pickering Interfaces manufactures its 40-870 series (50 Ohm) and 40-830 series (75 Ohm) in a number of architectures. This page is intended to give a concise overview of the architectures and the factors behind them. This range of RF switches is capable of excellent performance for frequencies up to 3GHz (50 Ohm).

    40-870 and 40-830

    SPDT Switch, 3 or 6 off SPDT RF Switches to 3GHz,, 50 Ohm (40-870) and 75 Ohm (40-830) Versions. No built in terminations.

    40-870 Front Panel Functional diagram of 40-870 

    40-872 and 40-832

    SP4T switch, single dual or quad to 3GHz, 50 Ohm (40-872) and 75 Ohm (40-832) Versions. No built in terminations.

    40-872 Front Panel Functional diagram of 40-872


    SP4T switch, terminations on all output ports, to 3GHz. Available as a single or dual. Ideal for when a single piece of test equipment has to select one 4 inputs, and the inputs need to be terminated to control VSWR.

    40-873 Front Panel Functional diagram of 40-873

    40-874 and 40-834

    SP8T switch, single or dual, to 3GHz. 50 Ohms (40-874) or 75 Ohms (40-34). No terminations.

    40-874 Front Panel  Functional diagram of 40-874

    40-875 and 40-835

    SP16T switch. Available as a single in 50 Ohms or 75 Ohms.

    40-875 Front Panel  Functional diagram of 40-875


    SP4T switch with termination connection on the common. Available as a single, dual or quad to 3GHz. 50 Ohm Version. A good solution where users need to terminate the common connection when path is not in use to manage VSWR.

    40-876 Front Panel Functional diagram of 40-876

    40-877 and 40-837

    2x2 matrix with expansion capacity. Available as a single and dual, 50 Ohms (40-877) and 75 Ohms (40-837).

    40-877 Front Panel Functional diagram of 40-877

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