LXI Software Drivers

    We provide a number of drivers for our LXI products, the choice of driver will depend on the software development system or maybe just the preference of the programmer. The information below details the different drivers available - to download any of these drivers, please go to our downloads page here >>

    Direct IO API

    This is a low level API with a 'C' style interface, it has no dependencies on other products and is suitable for almost any programming environment, especially Microsoft Visual Studio. It is complete with LabView (c) and LabWindows (c) wrappers allowing simple use with National Instruments software products.

    .NET Driver

    A native .NET driver is available. This is suitable for any .NET 2.0 specification environment. It is particularly useful from Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and has also been used on Linux systems using the Mono package. The Mono package is also available for other operating systems including macOS.

    IVI Driver

    Most Pickering products are switch based solutions and may be driver using the Pickering IVI-C Switch class complaint driver. This driver is particularly suitable for NI Switch Executive. Like most IVI drivers it requires the prior installation of NI VISA and NI ICP packages to provide the basic software infrastructure, installation of the Pickering VISA driver is also required.

    The following drivers require no diver to the installed on the target machine. They offer a degree of platform independence which many users find attractive.

    SOAP Interface

    A platform independent option is the SOAP interface included in all Pickering LXI products. This interface is capable of being used from a wide variety of programming languages and operating systems.

    SSH Interface

    Also included in Pickering LXI products from firmware release 2.11 onward is an SSH interface. This is also platform independent and may be used either as a manual control interface or may be controlled programatically.

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