Using Pickering LXI Products from NI RT Systems

    Pharlap based

    The Pickering LXI driver package installation includes LabVIEW wrappers for the host system and LabVIEW RT compatible dlls that permit a Pickering LXI product to be controlled from Pharlap based LabVIEW RT system.

    Pickering LXI driver:

    Pickering LXI driver for NI RT Systems - Pharlap based

    After installation, the required files are be found in the folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Pickering Interfaces Ltd\ClientBridge\Bin\LabVIEWRT

    Copy the files manually using FTP to /ni-rt/system folder

    Copy files manually using FTP to /ni-rt/system folder

    Linux based

    For the NI-Linux RT, please download the 64-bit archive onto the Linux target machine and run make install. 

    LabVIEW RT Project settings 

    Once the drivers are deployed on the RT system, to verify, you can create an RT project from your host PC.

    LabVIEW RT project settings

    LabVIEW RT project settings

    You can download the LabVIEW example program from the Pickering download site and move it into your RT Project.

    LabVIEW RT example program

    Modify the IP address string to the IP for the LXI (and Not your RT system)

    Modify the IP address string to the IP for the LXI (and Not your RT system)

    We also provide Veristand Custom device for our LXI products upon request. Please contact support for further information.

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