PILMon is a utility program providing a command line interface to Pickering PXI switch cards. It is included in the driver installation and is located in the C:\Pickering folder.

The command set is as follows:

AD [<card> <sub_unit>] = [select and] display card/sub-unit to address
SC <number> = close output (set ON)
SO <number> = open output (set OFF)
SB <bit_pattern> = set sub-unit outputs (to hex bit-pattern)
CS = clear OUTPUT sub-unit
RS = clear all OUTPUT sub-units on all open cards
ST = display status of currently-selected card
BV = view sub-unit output states (as hex bit-pattern)
BR = read INPUT sub-unit (as hex bit-pattern)
LS [<card>] = list info on all open cards, or specified card
EC 0/1 turn serial echo OFF|ON (default ON)
WC <number> <value> = write the calibration value for an output
RC <number> = read the calibration value for an output
LC = list calibration values
DM <bit_pattern> = set driver mode flags (to hex bit-pattern)
AC <number> = matrix: close all points on single row or column
CM = clear OUTPUT sub-unit mask
SM <number> 0/1 = UNMASK|MASK an individual output
MB <bit_pattern> = set OUTPUT sub-unit mask (to hex bit-pattern)
MV = view sub-unit output mask (as hex bit-pattern)
OC = take control of all Pickering switch cards
CC = release control of all Pickering switch cards
VO <bus> <slot> = open card at specified location
VC <card> = close specified card
HE|HL = show this help information
SV <number> = show state of specified output
MS <number> = show mask state of specified output
IS <number> = show state of specified input
AR = clear all OUTPUT sub-units of the current card
XC <row> <column> = close matrix crosspoint
XO <row> <column> = open matrix crosspoint
XV <row> <column> = show state of a matrix crosspoint
XM <row> <column> 0/1 = UNMASK|MASK a matrix crosspoint
XS <row> <column> = show matrix crosspoint mask state
DI = show diagnostic information
SE = show sub-unit settling time (μs)
CL = show sub-unit closure limit
SS = show sub-unit status
PT = show PSU type description
PI = show PSU information
PS <fp value> = set PSU output voltage
PV = show PSU output voltage setting
PE 0/1 = DISABLE|ENABLE the output of a PSU
CF = show number of free cards
LF = list bus/slot locations of free cards
Q = quit the program

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