Device Manager


From Control Panel - System - Hardware Tab - Device Manager or Right click "My computer" Manage - Device Manager

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There are three different install combinations so this part will differ slightly for each. Need help on which driver you need? Take a look here >>

Pickering Direct Driver Only - (Pilpxi)

If you are using PilPxi only for direct I/O control the cards need to be shown as below including the correct model numbers.
YES - My Pickering cards are all showing correctly simular to the picture below.

Screenshot of Device Manager with cards showing correctly

AgilentGPIB - I have an extra Agilent device but a missing Pickering card

Screenshot of extra Agilent device appearing

Exclamation mark - and PCI Device indicating not installed.

Screenshot of PCI device not installed

Pickering Switch Card - is shown as "PICKERING SWITCH CARD" in device manager - update driver recommended.

Screenshot of "Pickering PXI Switch Card" visible

NI-VISA - (Pipx40)

If you require to use NI products you will need to install NI-VISA, The Pickering Direct I/O is also installed.
YES - My Pickering cards are all showing correctly as shown similar to the picture below.

Screenshot of NI-VISA devices showing correctly

IVI Driver - (Pi40iv)

If you are controlling the card via NI-Switch executive you will need to use IVI

YES - My Pickering cards are all showing correctly as shown in the picture below.


IVI driver doesn't show in device manager. It's higher layer than this (usually based on pilpxi or pipx40 depending on type of driver)

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