Java Control


The Java panel will allow control of any LXI unit without programming via a graphical interface.

From the Home Page please click the Instrument Control.

Java Control Applet

Please make sure you have Java installed into your web browser and click the link to launch the Java Applet.

This will open a Java page you will be shown a visual representation of the LXI which can be controlled by clicking points.

The actual Java control page displayed will be dependent on the actual hardware configuration available.

If using an LXI compliant chassis, you will need to select a card from first before you are able to control it.

The way the Java page takes control will mean a second simultaneous connection from another PC will fail.

If you need to stop random users opening your LXI on a network you can enable security and specify a password on connection.

There are many programming techniques available to control the LXI in the way you require, please ask.

SOAP, LXI Direct, Labview, LabviewRT, C++, Labwindows, Command Line, Serial , list a few.

This is the end of the LXI Fault Finding Tree, if you still have a problem please follow this contact support link.

Typical LXI Java Panel - This is actually for the 60-511-001 32x56 Low Thermal EMF Matrix

Typical LXI Java Panel

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