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The 40-265 range consists of 6, 4 or 2 channel modules (this version is the 6-channel, 2kΩ) that simulate the operation of a range of strain gauges making it ideal for testing strain gauge meters and a wide variety of industrial control systems. The range provides a simple way of replacing in house developed sensors with a low cost simulator having excellent performance. The 40-265 uses the same resistor bridge techniques that real life strain gauges are based on, ensuring accurate emulation under all conditions. 

Each simulator channel includes an independent input for the Excitation Voltage and a bridge output. The Excitation Voltage port can be driven by an AC or a DC source. The bridge circuit includes three fixed resistors and a fourth programmable resistor that can be adjusted over a narrow resistance range with fine adjustment capability and excellent accuracy. The adjustment range provided is sufficient to simulate quarter, half or full bridge circuits. The standard bridge impedances are 350Ω, 1kΩ, 1.5kΩ, 2kΩ and 3kΩ.

These modules are extremely simple to use, the variable resistor element can be programmed using a simple resistance call. The module supplies the user with the resistance value required to balance the bridge, and the resistance call to the simulator can be varied above and below this value to simulate extension and compression of the strain gauge resistor.

Key Features

  • Simulates Resistive Strain Gauge Bridge Circuits
  • 6, 4 or 2 Simulators per Module
  • Simple Software Operation
  • Fine Resistance Adjustment Over Full Operating Range
  • VISA, IVI and Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
  • 3-Year Warranty
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Product specifications

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Product Type: Programmable Resistors
Platform: PXI
Min R (Ω): 1894
Max R (Ω): 2106
Accuracy (%): 0.06
Resolution (Ω): 0.02
Channel Type: Strain Gauge
Channels: 6


PDF Datasheet
Includes full information and specifications
PDF, 909.3 KB
PDF Manual
Includes manual, extended specifications, installation instructions and data
PDF, 3.79 MB
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A complete list and documentation for mating connection accessories
PDF, 2.33 MB
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A complete list and documentation for mating connection accessories
PDF, 3.7 MB
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