LXI Scalable 8 Amp Matrix

  • Modular Matrix Design
  • User Configurable
  • Choice of X and Y Dimensions
  • 8A Current Handling
  • High Performance EMR design
  • 2U Full Rack Width Chassis
  • LXI Compliant Interface for Simple Ethernet-based Control

The LXI Scalable 8 Amp Matrix consists of our LXI Modular Matrix Chassis (model 65-200-001) that can be easily reconfigured by the removal and insertion of our 8 Amp plug-in modules detailed below. The unit is purchased as an empty chassis along with the quantity of plug-in modules initially required (up to six). As your requirements evolve, additional modules can be easily added and the control software automatically detects the new configuration. The plug-ins are loaded into the chassis via the front panel, greatly improving the flexibility and ease of maintenance of the unit.

This platform is supported by a comprehensive range of cable and connector accessories and comes with a standard 3-year warranty.

Type Size Current Rating Voltage Rating Connector Part No.
Modular Matrix Chassis - - - -
Y Access Plugin Module Y1 to Y10 8 Amp 125VDC
2x 20-Pin GMCT 65-239-101
Matrix Plugin Module 10x10 65-239-201
Matrix Plugin Module 8x10 65-239-202
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