LXI 75Ω RF Matrix - 1GHz LXI RF Matrix - 1Ghz

  • High bandwidth 75Ω RF matrix
  • Usable to 1.5GHz
  • Automatic termination of unused inputs
  • Simple remote control via LXI interface

Pickering's 75Ω LXI RF matrix - 1GHz range is a family of integrated RF matrices suitable for use up to 1.5GHz. The construction of these matrices provides a cost effective alternative for RF switching based on microwave switching elements while maintaining a high level of matrix performance.

The design is fully scalable, allowing a variety of matrix sizes to be offered in a single family. It maintains a close path loss match for all routes through the matrix, minimizing the calibration effort that has to be invested by users in optimizing their test system performance. The design is non-blocking Y to X (or X to Y) allowing any input to be connected to any output. The construction is based on high quality electromechanical relays which provide a fast operating time compared to microwave relays.

Standard 3-Year Warranty

These RF matrices are supported by a comprehensive range of cable and connector accessories and come with a standard 3 year warranty.

The table below will help you choose the appropriate version for your application:

Type Frequency Range Switch Type Matrix Connector Part No.
75 Ohm DC - 1.5GHz EMR 8 x 4 Terminated F-Type 60-732-004
16 x 4 Terminated 60-732-003
24 x 4 Terminated 60-732-002
32 x 4 Terminated 60-732-001
8 x 8 Terminated 60-731-004
16 x 8 Terminated 60-731-003
24 x 8 Terminated 60-731-002
32 x 8 Terminated 60-731-001
16 x 16 Terminated 60-730-003
24 x 16 Terminated 60-730-002
32 x 16 Terminated 60-730-001
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