LXI and LXI/USB Modular ChassisPickering's LXI & USB/LXI Modular Chassis & supporting PXI modules

For applications requiring diverse switching functions but preferring an LXI interface, look no further than our LXI and LXI/USB modular chassis. These chassis are capable of hosting our extensive range of 3U PXI switching and simulation modules in an LXI environment, allowing remote control over a gigabit Ethernet connection. Additionally, our LXI/USB Chassis support up to six PXI modules and can be controlled via USB or Ethernet.

Our LXI modular chassis are available in 7 and 18-slot and our LXI/USB modular chassis are available in 2, 4 and 6-slot and support over 1,000 of our PXI modules. The PXI modules supported range from: PXI general purpose relays, matrices, multiplexers and RF switches to special PXI switching functions such as fault/signal insertion. Also supported are a selection of simulation modules such as programmable resistors, digital I/O, power supplies, thermocouple simulators, function generator, battery simulators and attenuators. This gives you enormous flexibility to define a switching or T&M system to exactly match your needs.

We are pleased to announce that VX Instruments has now integrated their PXM7820 high-speed Multi-Measurement Device into our LXI/USB chassis. For more details, please refer to their application note.

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