LXI Wired Trigger Bus Adaptors and Accessories

LXI wired trigger bus adaptrors and accessoriesWe manufacture LXI Wired Trigger Bus adaptors and accessories. These adaptors and accessories are designed to help debug a WTB system or provide conversion of signals to or from the WTB to products that do not support the WTB. LXI approved WTB cable assemblies and terminators are available to interconnect LXI devices that support the LXI Wired Trigger Bus extended function.

LXI Wired Trigger Bus Adaptors and Accessories
Name Description Part No.
Wired Trigger Bus Probe For monitoring the eight signals of the Wired Trigger Bus 60-981
Wired Trigger Bus Adaptor Converts the eight WTB signals into low voltage TTL 60-982
Wired Trigger Bus Terminator For terminating the end of the WTB cable 60-983
Wired Trigger Bus Extender Interconnects two WTB cables for greater reach 60-984
Wired Trigger Bus Cables WTB compliant cables with lengths from 0.3m to 20m 60-985
Wired Trigger Bus Oscilloscope Adaptor Allows all eight WTB signals to be displayed on an Agilent DSO 60-990
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