VXI Switching

The Aerospace and Defense industries were early adopters of modular test platforms. One of the first successes was VXI and it served these industries very well for more than 20 years. Now as VXI test systems become obsolete, test systems developers are looking to PXI as the next generation modular platform for their industries. 

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The availability of PXI switching and instrumentation makes the choice relatively easy. However, the issue of migrating test programs from VXI to PXI, specifically in switching applications, is of concern. The ability to replicate original test configurations to support legacy FRUs (Field Replaceable Units) is important to continue supporting older test programs while planning for future requirements. We have developed PXI switching and simulation modules that can replicate the previous VXI switching configurations to make your job of integration that much easier. And our policy of supporting our PXI Switching products for 15 to 20 years, and even longer, means that your next-generation test systems will have as long a life as their predecessors. The tables below are quick VXI to PXI cross-reference for popular VXI switching modules—at this time these are the cross-references that we have available, we will continue to add additional products.

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