Small Format Embedded Switching Cards - SIMRC

SIM Reed Relay Cards

  • Low cost embedded switching
  • Uncommitted relay, multiplexer and matrix configurations
  • With I2C and RS-232 interfaces
  • Simple ASCII instruction set
  • Use high quality Pickering Reed Relays
  • For building high density switching networks
  • Standard 72 pin SIM connector
  • Special models available

Our small format embedded switching cards or SIM relay cards (SIMRC) offer a choice of switching configurations using low cost industry standard SIM connectors. They are ideal for placing switching systems in fixtures close to the unit under test.

These small format embedded switching cards free the designer from the detail of routing complex switching circuits, you may select from a wide range of cards using the built in RS-232 and I2C interfaces. SIM relay cards are intended to be mounted on to a simple motherboard and may be used to construct very high density switching networks and also allow for very simple in-field maintenance.

The tables below will help you choose the appropriate version for your application:

Type Current Switch Type Voltage Configuration Poles Part No.
Switch 0.25A (1A) Reed 100VDC 16 x SPDT 1 1010-R-16-1-5/3D
1.0A 8 x SPST 1 1010-R-8-1-5/1D
16 x SPST 1 1010-R-16-1-5/1D
Multiplexer 8 Channel 1 1020-R-8-1-5/1D
2 1020-R-8-2-5/1D
16 Channel 1 1020-R-16-1-5/1D
2 1020-R-16-2-5/1D
Matrix 8 x 2 1 1030-R-8-2-1-5/1D
2 1030-R-8-2-2-5/1D
8 x 4 1 1030-R-8-4-1-5/1D
2 1030-R-8-4-2-5/1D

Type Impedance Max Frequency Switch Type Configuration Poles Part No.
Switch 50 Ohm 60MHz Screened Reed 16 x SPST 1 1010-R-16-1RF-5/1D
MUX 16 Channel 1020-R-16-1RF-5/1D
Matrix 300MHz 8 x 2 1030-R-8-2-1RF-5/1D
8 x 4 1030-R-8-4-1RF-5/1D

Description Part No.
 Small Format Embedded Card Carrier 1050-001
                   Small Format Embedded Card Carrier Kit (includes 1080-001 Serial Converter) 1050-002
                   Small Format Embedded Card Carrier Enclosure 1050-901
 Power Supply For Enclosure 1050-902
 RS232 to I2C Serial Converter PCB
 RS232 9 Way D-Type lead 1081-001
 72 Pin Simm Socket 1090-001
 Small outline PCB with 72 Pin Socket 1091-001
 SMB RF Adapter PCB (For use with 1010-R-16-1RF-5/1D) allowing multiplexer configuration 1092-001
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