PCI Programmable Resistors

Part of our Sensor Simulation family, these PCI programmable resistor cards are ideal for medical, aerospace and automotive applications and feature:

  • Up to 18 channels in a single PCI slot
  • Resistance ranges from 1Ω to 22MΩ
  • Resolutions down to 2mΩ with accuracies down to 0.03%

We also offer programmable resistors in PXI format. For more information on these resistors, please take a look at these resources:

Video: Intro to Programmable Resistors Article: What is a Programmable Resistor Webinar: Using Programmable Resistors for Sensor Simulation White Paper: Understanding Programmable Resistors for Sensor Simulation Product Reference Map

Take a look below for the different versions of PCI resistor cards:

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