PXI Remote Control Interface Modules and Kits

Take advantage of the latest high-performance, low-cost desktop PCs for control
of your PXI system.
Two different versions are available:
  • PCI to PXI  - These provide a seamless connection between a PC's PCI interface and a PXI chassis. 
    • Model 51-921A resides in one of the controllers PCI slots and provides two independent StarFabricâ„¢ serial interfaces, each capable of driving a separate PXI chassis. 
    • Model 41-921A resides in the slot 1 position of a PXI chassis and interfaces to the 51-921A module to provide a PC remote control.
  • PCIe to PXI - These provide a seamless connection between a PC's PCI Express interface and a PXI Chassis.

These modules come with a standard 3 year warranty .

Type Configuration Connector PXI Slots Part No. Kit Part No. (inc Cable) 
Serial Interface Star Fabric to PXI Module RJ45 1 41-921A-001 41-921A-001-KIT
PCI to Star Fabric Module - 51-921A-001
PXI Remote Control Interface Module 1 41-924-001 41-924-001-KIT
PCIe Remote Control Interface Module - 51-924-001
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