PXI Amplifier and Attenuator Modules

Pickering's PXI Amplifier and Attenuator Modules include our accurate DC to 3GHz programmable attenuator has a 1dB step resolution, allowing it to adjust signal amplitudes for optimum measurement by other devices. The other programmable attenuator available has a bandwidth between 10MHz and 6GHz available in triple or hex formats.

Our high voltage attenuator provides a convenient way of attenuating high voltage low frequency signals to levels that can be captured by other PXI devices without risk of damaging them. And our high voltage amplifier provides a convenient solution for increasing the signal amplitude from waveform or function generators to permit them to simulate real life sensors. 

We also offer mating cables and connectors for these modules to ensure speedy and successful system integration. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

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