PXI Prototyping and Breadboard Modules PXI breadboard module with digital I/O

  • Versatile PXI Breadboard 10 sq. in. of Prototype Area
  • Access to all PXI Power Supplies
  • Built-in Digital I/O 32-Bits Out, 32-Bits In, TTL or Transistor
  • Programmable by Bit, Byte or Word
  • TTL Outputs Suitable for Driving External Logic
  • Open Collector Transistor Outputs Suitable for Driving Internal or External Relay Coils

Our PXI Prototyping Modules are breadboard modules available either with or without digital I/O.

The breadboard modules with digital I/O (the 40-220A series) allow the user to construct their own circuit in situations where a PXI module is not available. For example when it is required to integrate a non-switching function into a PXI chassis. Typical applications include creating custom circuitry that can be housed on a 3U board or to build special “one-off” switching modules.

The breadboard module without digital I/O (the 40-225A) is a very basic, low cost, prototype module with no PXI interface, but does have access to fused power supplies from the PXI backplane. It is available in 1 or 2 slot formats with either a blank front panel or fitted with one of a selection of industry standard connectors.

We also offer mating cables and connectors for these modules to ensure speedy and successful system integration. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

The table below will help you choose the appropriate version for your application:
Configuration Max Connector Current Max Connector Voltage Prototyping area Digital Input Connector PXI Slots Part No.
(TTL &
Open Collector O/P)    
- - 65 Sq cm grid 7V Max No Connector 1 40-220A-101
1A 250V 96W SCSI Micro-D  40-220A-001
3A 250V 78W D-Type 40-220A-401
5A 500V 9W D-Type 40-220A-701
15W D-Type 40-220A-601
25W D-Type
37W D-Type
50W D-Type
13A 500V 20W GMCT 40-220A-801
Dual 20W GMCT 40-220A-811
Breadboard 32In/32Out
(TTL &
Open Collector O/P)    
- - 65 Sq cm grid 7V Max No Connector 2 40-220A-102
1A 250V 96W SCSI Micro-D  40-220A-002
3A 250V 78W D-Type 40-220A-402
5A 500V 9W D-Type 40-220A-702
15W D-Type 40-220A-602
25W D-Type
37W D-Type
50W D-Type
13A 500V 20W GMCT 40-220A-802
Dual 20W GMCT 40-220A-812
Bare Prototype Module
without I/O
- - 65 Sq cm grid - No Connector 1 40-225A-001
96W SCSI Micro-D 40-225A-101
9W D-Type 40-225A-701
15W D-Type 40-225A-601
25W D-Type
37W D-Type
50W D-Type
78W D-Type
20W GMCT 40-225A-801
Dual 20W GMCT 40-225A-811
Bare Prototype Module
without I/O
- - 65 Sq cm grid - No Connector 2 40-225A-002
96W SCSI Micro-D 40-225A-102
9W D-Type 40-225A-702
15W D-Type 40-225A-602
25W D-Type
37W D-Type
50W D-Type
78W D-Type
20W GMCT 40-225A-802
Dual 20W GMCT 40-225A-812
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