PXI Fault Insertion (Fault Injection) ModulesPXI fault insertion switching

Pickering's range of PXI Fault Insertion Unit (FIU) also known as Fault Injection switch products are designed specifically for safety critical applications where the response of a control system is required to be evaluated when sensor connections behave in unexpected ways. These modules are scalable solutions that can be used to switch signals between simulations and real-life devices in a multitude of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation and test systems. The fault insertion unit can help to considerably simplify and accelerate the testing, diagnosis and integration work in HIL applications.

Pickering's FIUs are available in a wide range of channel counts and fault bus configurations, with current handling capabilities from 0.3A to 40A—take a look at the categories below to find the configuration you need.

Take a look at our video:
Automated Fault Insertion and its Role in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation

We also offer mating cables and connectors for these modules to ensure speedy and successful system integration and we stand behind our products with a three-year warranty. Find more information on fault insertion related topics on our Support Knowledgebase or feel free to contact us.

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