Modular Breakout System for Hardware-In-Loop SimulationModular Breakout System for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation


  • Combined Breakout Box feature set with the Flexibility of a Fault Insertion Unit
  • Compact, Reliable Design
  • Improved Signal Integrity
  • Modular Patch Panel Optimized for Fault Insertion  


  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
    • For Signal Monitoring
    • For Signal Injection
    • To Automate Faults

Designed to Simplify Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Applications

Traditional Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation features signal switching to inject faults into a Unit Under Test (UUT). To make manual measurements and induce a fault manually prior to writing test code, a Breakout Box (BoB) needs to be added. The majority of the BoBs and Fault Insertion Unit (FIU) switch systems available today are not modular. They are fixed in configuration, creating a test solution that is not often ideal. In addition, they have cumbersome cable configurations and, in many cases, expensive.

Typical Automotive Configuration

Modular in a Single Unit

Originally designed in partnership with OPAL-RT Technologies, this Modular Breakout System combines a BoB feature set with the added flexibility of an FIU. By mating the FIU chassis directly to the BoB using our plug-in modules, cabling is minimized, creating a more compact, reliable design and improving signal integrity.

As most UUTs have several different signal types and parameters to be tested, the Modular Breakout System’s design means you can specify several different voltages and current options in the same chassis. You get to add just what you need for your test requirements, which can save you money over other designs.

In addition, all cables to the simulation system and the UUT are located behind the front panel of the BoB. This creates a simpler front panel that is less prone to damage.


  • A BoB and FIU in the same package
  • A maximum of 518 lines (highest count per racking unit)
  • Can be used with any Pickering PXI & LXI chassis
  • Low channel count is less expensive
  • Extreme modularity (low current to high current channels, RSM, etc.)
  •  Field Upgradable

Contact us to learn more about the system or to let us know your exact requirements.

Choices for FIU and Breakout System Requirements

As the modular design uses PXI, users can take advantage of our large range of FIU switch products. These FIU modules are available in different choices for channel count, fault busses, voltage and current. Multiple modules can be installed in a chassis.

Programmable Resistance

Traditional BoB designs feature a manual potentiometer for creating resistive faults. We can automate this process by adding one of our programmable resistance modules to the Breakout System. The module can be controlled manually through a soft front panel and programmatically—thus speeding up a test process and ensuring repeatability.

Field Upgradable

If testing needs change, the Breakout system modules and FIU modules can be added and/or replaced by the user. Our software driver supports our entire FIU range, so no new software is needed to integrate the new modules.

New Designs

If you don't see what you need, please get in touch with us. We have considerable in-house experience designing custom switch solutions. All module and cabling manufacturing processes are done within our two factories on flexible manufacturing lines allowing us to offer simple customization to meet our customer's needs.

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