PXI Fault/Signal Insertion Matrix Modules PXI Fault/Signal Insertion Matrix

  • Breakout Connections for Wiring to Sensors
  • Pickering BRIC Architecture Provides Scalable Matrix Size
  • Wide Range of Matrix Sizes & Partially Populated Configurations Available
  • Ruthenium Reed Relay for Maximum Signal Performance
  • Electro-mechanical Relay for Current Handling up to 10 Amps
  • Occupy 4 or 8 3U PXI Slots
  • Kernel, VISA and IVI Support for PXI Environments & Kernel and IVI Support For LXI Environments
  • Selected modules are supported by our eBIRST Switching System Test Tools, these tools provide a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within LXI, PCI and PXI switch systems.

The PXI fault/signal insertion matrix design is based on Pickering’s proven BRIC architecture that allows the matrix size required for an application to be selected from the many versions available. 

All of our fault/insertion matrices feature a breakout arrangement that allows faults to be attached to the sensor lines via the Y axis. This includes the breaking of a connection or the adding of a series defect – all of which can simulate connectivity problems in the system. The three pin breakout versions allow the connection to be swapped for a “bad” sensor simulation.The use of a programmable matrix for fault insertion ensures testing is fast to perform and can be reproduced on subsequent test cycles in the event of corrective action or a system upgrade.

We also offer mating cables and connectors for these modules to ensure speedy and successful system integration. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

The tables below will help you to choose the appropriate module for your application.

Type Current Switch Type Voltage Max Power Matrix Size PXI Slots Part No.
2 Pin Breakout 1 Amp (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC/100VAC 20W Dual 31 x 4 4 40-592A-011
Dual 62 x 4 40-592A-012
Dual 93 x 4 40-592A-013
Dual 124 x 4 40-592A--014
Dual 31 x 4 8 40-592A-111
Dual 62 x 4 40-592A-112
Dual 93 x 4 40-592A-113
Dual 124 x 4 40-592A-114
Dual 155 x 4 40-592A-115
Dual 186 x 4 40-592A-116
Dual 217 x 4 40-592A-117
Dual 248 x 4 40-592A--118
3 Pin Breakout 1 Amp (1.2A) Reed Relay 150VDC/100VAC 20W Dual 20 x 4 4 40-592A-001
Dual 40 x 4 40-592A-002
Dual 60 x 4 40-592A-003
Dual 80 x 4 40-592A--004
Dual 20 x 4 8 40-592A-101
Dual 40 x 4 40-592A-102
Dual 60 x 4 40-592A-103
Dual 80 x 4 40-592A--104
Dual 100 x 4 40-592A-105
Dual 120 x 4 40-592A-106
Dual 140 x 4 40-592A-107
Dual 160 x 4 40-592A-108

Current Switch Type Voltage (Crosspoint) Max Power (Crosspoint) Voltage (Breakout) Max Power (Breakout) Matrix Size PXI
Part No.
8A Breakout
Dual 6 x 2 8 40-595A-001
Dual 12 x 2 40-595A-002
Dual 18 x 2 40-595A-003
Dual 24 x 2 40-595A-004
Dual 30 x 2 40-595A-005
Dual 6 x 4 40-595A-006
Dual 12 x 4 40-595A-007
Dual 18 x 4 40-595A-008
Dual 24 x 4 40-595A-009
Dual 30 x 4 40-595A-010
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