High-Voltage PXI Multiplexer

  • Hot Switching up to 750VDC or 750VAC peak
  • Cold Switching up to 1000VDC or 1000VAC peak
  • Available Electro-mechanical Relay Versions for Hot or Cold Current Switching up to 5A
  • Drivers Supplied for Windows and Linux, Plus Support for Real-time Systems
  • Select modules are supported by our eBIRST Switching System Test Tools, these tools provide a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within LXI, PCI and PXI switch systems.

These high-voltage PXI multiplexer modules provide solutions for applications that need to switch voltages up to 1000V. Our 40-320A modules are suited for hot or cold switching applications up to 10W and 0.5A with a rating of 13mA at their maximum operating voltage. Our 40-331A modules can switch up to 1000V and also have a hot or cold switching current rating of 5A.

The design ensures the modules can withstand high common mode voltages and a protective safety cover is used to shield the switching components.

All these modules use high voltage D-type connectors which are fully supported by our cable and connector accessories.

Below you will find tables to help you choose which version is appropriate for your application:

Type Current Switch Type Voltage Max Power Banks Configuration Connector PXI Slots Part No.
1 Pole 0.5 A Reed Relay 1000 VDC
1000 VAC
10 W 1 12:1 37-pin Male HV D-type 1 40-320A-001
24:1 40-320A-101
5 A EMR 1000 VDC
1000 VAC
150 W 1 24:1 1 40-331A-001
2 12:1 40-331A-002
4 6:1 40-331A-003
6 4:1 (SP4T)
8 3:1 (SP3T)
12 2:1 (SPDT)
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