High-Voltage PXI Switching Matrix ModulesHigh-Voltage PXI Switching

  • Hot switching up to 750VDC or 750VAC peak
  • Cold switching up to 1000VDC or 1000VAC peak
  • Uncommitted Relay, Matrix and Multiplexer configurations available
  • Electro-mechanical relay versions for hot or cold current switching up to 5A
  • High voltage D-Type connector
  • Kernel, VISA and IVI support for PXI environments and Kernel and IVI support for LXI environments

The design of our high-voltage PXI switching matrices ensures the modules can withstand high common mode voltages and a protective safety cover is used to shield the switching components.  

Standard 3-Year Warranty

All of these modules are fully supported by our cable and connector accessory range. We stand behind our products with a three-year warranty.

Below you will find tables to help you choose which version is appropriate for your application:

Type Current Switch Type Voltage Max Power Configuration Connector PXI Slots  Part No.
1 Bank
1 Pole
5 Amp EMR 1000VDC
150W 12 x 2 37-pin D-Type 1 40-332-001
6 x 4 40-332-002
2 Products
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