BRIC™ - Large PXI Matrix ModulesBRIC - Large PXI Matrix Modules

  • Highest crosspoint density
  • Up to 1Amp and 2Amp scalable matrices
  • Integrated PXI matrix modules with built-In analog bus
  • Available as 2, 4 and 8-Slot 3U PXI modules
  • High bandwidth - up to 35MHz 
  • Wide range of fully configured Y bus architectures

High Density Packaging and Integrated Backplanes

With Pickering's BRIC Large PXI Matrix Modules, the use of high density packaging and integrated backplanes enables a large matrix to be implemented with no user configuration or special matrix expansion kits. These matrices use thru-hole mechanical relays (not surface mount) and can be serviced using standard de-soldering tools simplifying repair and reducing down time. Our BRIC's integrated design ensures high matrix performance with high signal bandwidth and fewer system implementation errors. 

For an overview of these high performance large PXI matrix solutions, take a look here >> Get the BRIC Advantage

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