Pickering Sequence Manager

Pickering Interfaces is delighted to announce the launch of sequencing service offering with all LXI platforms*. This functionality will allow a user to set predefined switch/simulation operations on the 1000+ Pickering PXI switch and instrument cards. 

A typical sequence in its simplest form can be defined in the following figure:

Pickering Sequence Manager for LXI platforms

As the operations are grouped together, they will minimize the number of control transactions required to achieve a composite change of target switch state, condensing multiple operations in a single sub-unit into a single operation, thus reducing the overall system switch settling time. For example, if a user wants to operate X1-Y1, X4-Y1, X2-Y2, in the first sequence, only one operation, and one delay, will be used. 

Additionally, as the switch state sequences are stored within the LXI controller itself, the burden on the Host CPU and Ethernet traffic is greatly reduced, so the overall system latency is reduced.

  • Systemwide sequencing lets you address multiple switch and simulation cards in one sequence.
  • User can upload up to 5000 pre-defined sequences.
  • Hardware and software based triggers provided 
  • It negates Ethernet latencies when controlled using hardware triggers resulting in more deterministic results.
  • Easy-to-use User Interfaces for defining and controlling test sequences

How to use Pickering Sequence Manager Download Sequence Manager

Pickering Sequence Manager screenshot

* Software Sequencing is available on all LXI systems. For hardware sequencing, please make sure the module supports triggering capability.
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