Matrix for Healthcare Production


General Electric Healthcare, provider of medical material, and Viveris Technologies, an integrator.


GE Healthcare needed to check electrical cabinets at the end of production line. These cabinets drove the Xray machines being produced on the production line. Viveris Technologies were required to implement a test to check electrical continuity and absence of short circuits between the different pins of different connectors. There were more than 1000 resistance measurements to perform in an automatic self test.


The main difficulty was the number of resistor measurements and the precision of these measurements. So, Viveris Technologies used an Keysight (formerly Agilent) LXI DMM with a Pickering LXI matrix. The full matrix was composed of 9 off 40-584-001 128x2 matrix to create a 1152x2 matrix in a 60-103 Pickering Interfaces LXI chassis. The automatic self test measures all the connections.

To connect the test bench to the cabinet, Viveris Technologies used two cabinets. The first contained the data processing devices such as PC and printers etc... The second contained the measuring devices which were in an enclosed cabinet containing the DMM and LXI chassis.

This solution was developed in three months from the start of the work and was duplicated in a second system.

Viveris Technologies commented "Pickering has a great technology to switch lot of channels".

Imagine of LXI set-up for Viveris Second image of LXI set-up for Viveris

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