Introduction to Programmable Resistors for Sensor Simulation in Automated Test Systems

Learn about our PXI & PCI Programmable Resistor modules for Sensor Simulation. These modules can be used in many applications to simulate, for instance, resistive sensors such as those used for temperature, strain, light, force and level measurement. The resistors enable you to build cost reductions into your test system design without having to physically simulate the environment of the sensor. 

Advantages of these Programmable Resistors include: 

  • They replace the need for real sensors
  • No need to physically simulate sensors environment
  • Allow you to reuse between test applications and give you accuracy, speed, and repeatability. 

Pickering's PXI programmable resistor modules are ideal for medical, aerospace and automotive applications and feature:

  • Up to 18 channels in a single PXI/PCI slot
  • Resistance ranges from 1Ω to 22MΩ
  • Resolutions down to 2mΩ with accuracies down to 0.03%
  • All PXI modules can be supported in our Ethernet LXI Chassis

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