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This LXI modular matrix chassis offers you a solution that can be easily re-configured by the insertion and removal of up to six LXI matrix plug-in modules (detail in the tables below). It is purchased as an empty chassis with a quantity of plug-in modules required for a particular matrix size. Unused chassis slots are blanked off by the supplied blanking pieces. Cooling is provided by rear fans and front air intakes ensuring no wasted space when the chassis is rack mounted. The cooling system is adaptive to its operating environment to ensure the acoustic noise is minimized when used in quiet laboratory environments and low load conditions. 

Plug-ins are loaded into the chassis via the front panel, greatly improving the flexibility and ease of maintenance of the unit. As your requirements evolve, additional modules can be easily fitted. When new modules are added, the control software automatically detects the new configuration. 

Below are the available LXI matrix plug-ins available

Type Size Current Rating Voltage Rating Connector Part No.
Y Access Plugin Module Y1 to Y40 2 Amp 220VDC
50-Pin D-Type 65-219-101
Matrix Plugin Module 10x40 15-Pin D-Type 65-219-201
Y Access Plugin Module Y1 to Y20 50-Pin D-Type 65-219-102
Matrix Plugin Module 10x20 15-Pin D-Type 65-219-202

Type Size Current Rating Voltage Rating Connector Part No.
Y Access Plugin Module Y1 to Y10 8 Amp 125VDC
20-Pin GMCT 65-239-101
Matrix Plugin Module 10x10 65-239-201
Matrix Plugin Module 8x10 65-239-202

Product specifications

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