High-Power LXI Matrix Modules

Pickering's high-power LXI matrices are a single pole module available in a variety of configurations and are suitable for power signal routing in large automatic test equipment (ATE) systems. They are available with a selection of X and Y sizes as well as partially populated configurations. 

  • Designed in accordance with the LXI Standard 1.4
  • Supplied in a 1U high, full rack width case with 500mm depth
  • Fully programmable via the LAN interface using our generic switch driver
  • Industry standard (W3C) web browsers can be used to access and change configuration information and provide access to the soft front panels
  • Ideal for applications where a simple start-up process is required and for applications requiring control over large distances.

Standard 3-Year Warranty

These high power matrices are supported by a comprehensive range of cable and connector accessories and come with a standard 3 year warranty.

The table below will help you choose the appropriate version for your application:

Matrix Configuration No. of Poles Matrix Size Voltage Rating Current Rating Connector Order Code
4 Wire Y Connection
With Direct Y Bus Access
1-Pole 16x4 125VDC/250VAC 10A 8-pin Male Power D-type 60-600-008
32x4 60-600-007
64x4 60-600-003
Dual 32x4 60-600-005
8 Wire Y Connection
With Direct Y Bus Access
16x8 60-600-006
32x8 60-600-002
Dual 16x8 60-600-004
Scalable Matrix Solution

10 Wire Y Connection
With or Without Direct Y Access
1-Pole 8x10 125VDC/250VAC 8A 20-pin Male GMCT 65-239
1-Pole 10x10
16 Wire Y Connection
With Direct Y Bus Access
1-Pole 16x16 125VDC/250VAC 10A 8-pin Male Power D-type 60-600-001
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