PXI Simulation Modules for Sensor Simulation

Does your test strategy require simulating environmental sensors, including temperature, pressure, altitude, movement, PLC/instrument communications and strain gauges?

As electronic devices get more intelligent, they require many sensors to provide data for decision making and initiating the appropriate action. When it comes to New Product Introduction (NPI) and manufacturing test, it can be difficult to use the actual sensors used with device. So, these inputs are better simulated in test. This makes the test system smaller, faster, and potentially more accurate.

We offer an extensive range of PXI solutions for sensor simulation, including:

Learn more about Programmable Resistor Solutions for Sensor Simulation here, including articles, technical on-demand webinars and more.

We also offer mating cables and connectors, and we stand behind our products with a three-year warrantyFor additional information, please take a look at our support knowledgebase or feel free to contact us.

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