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Along with our core switching and simulation products, we also offer additional modular switching platforms and supporting products. 

Starting with our VXI switching products—although VXI test systems have become obsolete and we no longer do any new product development of our VXI switching module family, we continue to offer product support for existing customers. We have also have developed PXI switching and simulation modules that can replicate the previous VXI switching configurations to make your job of integration that much easier. To learn more about this and to see a cross-reference to popular VXI switching modules, please go to our VXI page here.

Other switching platforms offered include : Small Format Switching Cards (SIMRC) and GPIB Switching.

To support our switching solutions, we also offer a full range of cable and connectors, diagnostic test tools, signal routing software - Switch Path Manager and our sister company, Pickering Electronics' Reed Relays.

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