Customer Testimonials

Superior Integrated Systems, Inc.
"A large aerospace supplier suddenly had catastrophic failures on two product test stands, including damage to Pickering switch matrix boards. Superior Integrated Systems (SIS) worked closely with several team members of Pickering, to exhaust every possibility to quickly deliver two switch matrices to SIS, which was tremendously important to repairing the test equipment as soon as possible. We at SIS were extremely pleased with the efforts all involved made to expedite the delivery. This saved our aerospace client tens of thousands of dollars in late delivery penalties and lost sales. We can 't thank the Pickering employees enough for going above and beyond to support us and our client."
- John Hibma - President

Tier 1 Avionics Supplier
"We have been using more Pickering switching as of late and your products just work (easier), deliver on time, and generally they have been a lot nicer to work with. "
- Test Engineer Lead

Medical Device Manufacturer 
"Wow! Do you need any testimonials for this cable design tool? It is amazing! Excellent! Stupendous! I really don’t have words good enough to say how cool this tool is to me! I’d recommend it to anybody with a requirement like mine. It takes what was once a difficult and onerous task and makes it more like playing a video game. I created three cable designs, two simple proof-of-concept prototypes, and a third that combines the two other designs into a single harness. All went smoothly. I watched all of the YouTube videos explaining the tool as I did the first design, so I feel confident I’ve utilized all of the features. 
- Senior Software Developer
Applied Relay Testing
"I have had a quick try of the online cable design tool and am very impressed with the ease of use and functionality contained within it. From what I have seen so far it is by far the best solution for generating cable assemblies in the market.. "
- Sam Stacey - Senior Electronics Engineer

Avionics Test Supplier 
"We received all of the cables built by Pickering for the drive stand we are putting together here.  They are beautiful, and I can’t imagine how we could have built them with such quality here.”
- Lead Engineer

Automation Systems Integrator

“We have been dealing with many different vendors for the wide range of requirements for this system, and I can definitely say our interactions with Pickering have been one of the bright spots.  All of this really helps us gain confidence in designing a system around PXI switching components, knowing that there’s a capable responsive Pickering team to support us.” 
- Project Manager

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