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In test system development, the best hardware is only usable if its software control environment is robust and easy to use. If you are a test system developer, you need to look at both the hardware and software aspects of your vendors of choice. 

Our commitment to delivering high-quality products does not just extend to our switching and simulation products. Our in-house software team has created all of our application software packages and software drivers to help you simplify and expedite the development and deployment of your automated test systems. Please take a look below at our current offering.

Pickering Software Drivers and Applications

We provide driver packages for LXI and PXI products offering seamless installation and support of all popular Programming languages such as C/C++, LabVIEW™, LabVIEW RT, .NET, VB, LabWindows™/CVI, MATLAB®, Python, ATEasy, TestStand™, Veristand™ and Switch Executive™ (via the IVI driver). Our drivers use a common interface that has evolved over the years to add support for our growing range of switching and simulation products and support for the latest operating systems. We ensure that both our legacy and new switching products can work together for you and the interface also works well with both old and new applications. 

In addition to driver software, we are committed to making it easier to develop test programs and maintain your test stations using our General Soft Front Panel. 

  • Easy to use common driver interface for PCI, PXI and LXI products
  • All major Windows and Linux (both 32 and 64-Bit) platforms are supported
  • An example is provided for all Pickering products
  • Common General Soft Front Panel with dedicated views for all of our products Pickering Software Drivers and Applications



Diagnostic Test Tools

Our Diagnostic Test Tools, BIRST - Built-in Relay Self-Test and eBIRST Switching System Test Tools allow users to find faults in switching systems easily. Features include:

  • Quickly determine if your switching system has faults
  • Identify where that fault is located at relay level and allow you to take fast corrective action
  • Save repair costs
  • Minimize downtime of your switching system Diagnostic Test Tools - BIRST & eBIRST



Sequence Manager Software

Pickering Interfaces is pleased to announce the launch of our Sequence Manager software. This sequencing service offering is available on all of our LXI platforms*. This functionality will allow users to set predefined switch/simulation operations on our 1000+ Pickering PXI switch and simulation modules supported by the LXI systems. Features include:

    Sequence Manager Software
  • Systemwide sequencing allows you to address multiple switch and simulation cards in one sequence
  • Ability to upload up to 5000 pre-defined sequences
  • Hardware and software-based triggers provided 
  • Sequence Manager negates Ethernet latencies when controlled using hardware triggers resulting in more deterministic results
  • Easy-to-use User Interfaces for defining and controlling test sequences


Switch Path Manager Signal Routing Software

Switch path manager Our signal routing software, Switch Path Manager (SPM), simplifies signal routing through switching systems and speeds up the development of switching system software. Switch Path Manager supports our switching modules and the interconnection between them. Features include:

  • Manages Complex Switching Systems 
  • Reduces Switching Software Development Effort 
  • Provides Automated or Pre-defined Signal Routing 
  • Supports PXI, LXI, PCI Systems 
  • APIs available for C, .NET, Python, LabWindows™/CVI and LabVIEW™ Windows 32-bit or 64-bit compatible 
  • Free Evaluation License Switch Path Manager signal routing software



Cable Design Tool – Create custom cabling with our free online tool

Do you need a custom cable assembly? We can help. With our free online Cable Design Tool, you can graphically design your custom cable assembly by using either our built-in library of standard cable sets or create them from scratch. Once completed, our engineers will generate a competitive quote for your cable requirements. Features include:

  • Graphical design of customized cable assemblies
  • Built-in library of standard cable sets
  • Ability to store cable assemblies in the Cloud and develop over time
  • Create a library and share it with colleagues Pickering's free online Cable Design Tool - create custom cable assemblies
  • Each cable design has a pdf documentation file detailing all of the specifications
  • Allows very detailed design characteristics, including a selection of connector types, wire types,
    pin definitions, pin and cable labeling, cable bundling, length selection, sleeving, comments
  • Add your connectors and wires
  • Fully supported on significant tablet operating systems



PXI & LXI Simulation Tools

Our PXI & LXI simulation tools help you accelerate the development process by simulating the product in your test system. These tools allow you to develop and test the system software independent of your application hardware. Using the tools can minimize the time required with the physical system. 

Pickering can provide a simulation of products even before the product's design is complete.

  • Accelerate development and integration process  Pickering's PXI & LXI Simulation Tools
  • Easy to download and simulate any PXI or LXI product 
  • Available as both hardware and software simulators


* The PXI Simulation software is part of our PXI driver installation


Need more information about our application software or software drivers? You can find many helpful articles in the software section of our Knowledgebase, or feel free to contact us.

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